AP Spanish Language

Spanish Language, AP                 10 Credits                   Grade Level: 9-12

Prerequisite:   Grade of “C” or better in Spanish 3 or instructor approval.

Meets HS graduation requirement, CSU/UC “E” requirement for language other than English.

This is a yearlong advanced course in speaking, understanding, reading, and writing Spanish.  In this class students will improve the accuracy and fluency of their communication in Spanish.  They will refine their ability to communicate in present, past, and future tense about their appearance, personality, family, teachers, friends, daily schedule, activities, likes and dislikes.  They will improve their ability to express with fluency and accuracy opinions, various degrees of certainty, probability and doubt, and they will strengthen their ability to persuade and command others.  They will learn to organize their thoughts and express their opinions in extended critical essays.  This course will prepare students to take the AP exam for advance placement in college.

Homework:  Minimum of 5-6 hours a week of language practice.  Extra time will be needed to study for tests, write essays, and work on projects.