AP Spanish Literature

Spanish Literature, AP                10 Credits                     Grade Level:  9-12

Prerequisite:  Oral and written fluency in Spanish or a grade of “C” or better in Spanish Language AP, or in Spanish Language for Native Speakers or instructor approval.

Meets HS graduation requirement, CSU/UC “E” requirement for language other than English.

In this year long class, fluent or near fluent Spanish speaking students will learn to interpret and comment in Spanish on representative works of literature written in Spanish.  Poems, stories, essays, plays, and novels representing various literary periods will studied.  Students will learn to organize their reactions to literary works in extended critical essays.  This course will prepare students to take the Spanish Literature AP exam for advanced placement in college.  It may be taken either before or after Spanish Language for Native Speakers or Spanish Language AP for Native Speakers.

Homework:  Minimum of 5-6 hours a week of language practice.  Extra Time will be needed to study tests, write essays, and work on projects.