The staff in the counseling office is responsible for coordinating a comprehensive system of support that will promote student connectedness to our academic program, extracurricular activities, work-based learning, academic peer counseling and health services. All the counselors are available via appointment. Referrals from parents, staff, or caring peers are encouraged. Please contact Mrs. Tillinghast at [email protected] or (916) 641-4960 ext. 3020 to schedule an appointment. 

Below is a list of our counselors, with the students they serve and contact information.


Allison Terras  (For 12th grade)
[email protected] (916) 641-4960 ext. 27023
Cell: (916) 597-8287

Erricka Clarke  (For 11th grade)
[email protected] (916) 641-4960 ext. 27024

Timmy Vo (For 10th grade)

[email protected]  (916) 641-4960 ext. 27005

Maria Cruz-Plantilla  (For 9th grade)
[email protected] (916) 641-4960 ext. 27022
Google Voice: (916) 241-3908


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