Poetry Contest Results

NHS Poetry Contest 2019 Results

Honorable Mentions
“33016”                 By:  Yadira Ramirez
“Danceable”         By:  Simon Isaac
“Dope Hat”           By:  Damani Franklin
“Her Love”            By:  Iman Fatima
“Letting Go”          By:  Angelina Albert
“Life”                     By:  Iman Fatima
“Moon”                  By:  Marc Ruiz
“Through It All”      By:  Chase Donnelly
“Times Are”           By:  Marc Ruiz
“Winner”                By:  Iman Fatima

Place Winners
3rd Place                “Savor”                   By:  Marc Ruiz
2nd Place                “Poem 2”               By:  Damani Franklin
1st Place                 “Flower Petals”      By:  Contessa Guerra

Thank you to everyone that came to Open Mic night to support our students!

And an extra special thanks to our judges:

Jason Everhart
Michael Ferguson
Ving Lee
Lupe Rios
Pam Rothwell

Without you, we wouldn’t have a Poetry Contest!