Service Learning

As a MYP World School, the emphasis is on developing community awareness and concern, and the skills needed to make an effective contribution to society. All MYP students complete Service Learning within the classroom and are encouraged to complete community service outside of the classroom. Service Learning is an opportunity for you to learn while providing a service to a community. 

Each student is asked to fulfill community and service hours for each grade level.  

6th Grade – 5 hours
7th Grade – 5 hours
8th Grade – 5 hours


Each student will receive a Service Learning Packet (welcome letter, log sheet and reflection form). The reflection form should be filled out at the end of each service experience. Extra log sheet and reflection forms may be found below.


  • Service learning activities cannot be an academic assignment for a class.
  • Students do not receive a financial reward (payment), grade, or other benefit.
  • Hours for service learning activities should be completed at an appropriate place like a school, religious organization, hospital, or other community location.
  • An adult must be present while the service learning is performed.
  • The supervising adult should not be a member of the student’s family.
  • In general, activities should not be performed in private residences unless it is part of a group undertaking.
  • All family duties (mowing lawns, babysitting, doing chores, etc.) do not count.
  • Students may not work with dangerous equipment nor miss school to complete hours of service.

Examples of Service Learning

  • Library volunteer
  • Classroom teacher helper
  • Peer Tutor
  • School gardening
  • Volunteer in HAH classrooms
  • Mentor HAH student
  • Create artwork/posters for hallways
  • Assist in the office
  • Nursing home volunteer
  • Park clean-up
  • Homeless shelter volunteer
  • Volunteer at a soup kitchen
  • Food Drive
  • Clothing Drive
  • Child Care at a community center