MYP Curriculum Framework

MYP Curriculum Framework

The MYP curriculum at Natomas Middle emphasizes a broad and balanced education in each of eight subject areas: Language and Literature (English), Individual and Societies (Social Studies), Sciences, Mathematics, Language Acquisition (Spanish or Mandarin), Physical Education/Health, Design, and the Arts (Music and Art).


Global Contexts Connections: Teachers develop curriculum that focuses on globally-relevant contexts to help students make connections between subjects areas and the real world. This allows our students to learn about themselves and others in the world and gain an international perspective.  All MYP units are designed to include a unique curriculum focused on the following contexts:

  • Fairness and Development
  • Globalization and Sustainability
  • Identities and Relationships
  • Orientation in Space and Time
  • Personal and Cultural Expression
  • Scientific and Technical Innovation

The focus of our instruction includes:

  • holistic learning
  • student inquiry
  • student collaboration
  • real-world application
  • intercultural awareness
  • communication
  • 21st century skills