In Their Own Words

Quotes about the MYP at Natomas Middle School


MYP Art Contest Winner “There is Hope”

Natomas Middle School is pretty good, I study a lot and earn good grades. MYP is more advanced. To me it means we have a learner profile and it prepare u for high school so we don’t drop out so you can succeed in life’

-Herrick, 7th grade student

As a parent, IB MYP provides the depth that I want my child to learn. It doesn’t just provide the ‘what’ or the ‘who’….it provides the who, what, when where, why, purpose, lessons to learn from, connections to the real world, consequences, action-based solutions, and more. I also love that it focuses on the student as the center of their own learning process while collaborating with peers, teachers, and families…they are developing essential learning skills that will allow them to be more responsible and productive in school that will carry into their lives outside of school.

-Valeri, Parent of two NMS Scholars

Natomas Middle School is like other schools, its a safe environment to learn. We are an IB school meaning we have a learner profile to do good and succeed in life and your classes. IB means we have more stuff to help us learn more.

-Maritza, 7th grade student

“As a college advisor, I support IB because of it’s style of learning it offers to students. I see many high-GPA level students enter UC Davis but struggle to transition to the demands of college and are often on probation of academically at-risk. The students that come to UC Davis with curiosity, problem-solving strategies, and are not afraid to ask for help are the ones that transition more successfully. I believe that IB helps develop these skills every day.”

-Valeri Garcia, UC College Advisor

‘IB prepares students for challenging course work at post-secondary schools. In fact, completing IB exams students may earn college credit and graduate faster! More specifically, MYP is a gateway to be successful academically and socially. MYP helps students to go beyond high school to increases their success in higher education.’

Charles Cole, Senior Associate Director of Admissions and Outreach at Sac State