Incoming Students

Please make sure you pick up books from the library on your first day of school! You may take the books home because you will use a class set of books at school (unless your teacher tells you otherwise). Students are required to dress out for PE every day. Students can either purchase school PE uniforms from the school store or bring their own.

Natomas Middle School shirts and sweatpants for sale

The School Store is located in Room 119 and is open on Mondays and Wednesdays from 3:20 to 3:45 p.m. Prices of PE attire:

T-shirts: $6.00
Shorts: $9.00
Sweatpants: $15.00
Sweatshirt: $15.00

*Forms of payment accepted include: Cash, Visa, & Mastercard

If students prefer to bring their own PE clothes, we ask that they bring a plain grey t-shirt and plain navy shorts or sweatpants.

Additionally, students must bring a combination lock for their PE locker. There are only lockers in the PE locker room (not in the main building). For further questions, please contact Joy Slattery, Academic Counselor at (916) 567-5551.

Welcome to the NMS Family!