Registrar’s Office

Need to register your student?

Secretary Michel Redding can handle all of your registration concerns including questions related to school boundaries, inter and intra-district transfers, and student transcripts. Looking for attendance information? Click here to go to Attendance.

If your child lives within our district’s boundaries

Intradisrict Transfer (within our district)

  • If your child lives within the district boundaries,  complete an intradistrict transfer form.
  • Turn the intradistrict transfer form to your child’s current school office.
  • Your child’s current school will process the paperwork.
  • Once the paperwork is processed at your child’s current school the office will send the necessary paperwork to Natomas Middle School and the district’s Ed. Center.
If your child lives outside our district’s boundaries

Interdistrict Transfer (from one district to another)

  • If your child lives outside the district boundaries, you must complete an interdistrict transfer.
  • Contact your district of residence to complete the necessary forms.
  • Submit your forms to your district of residence first before bringing the forms to NUSD.
  • All applications submitted to Natomas Unified School District require grades/transcript, discipline & attendance records, and IEP (if applicable).