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Visit Google Classroom

Visit Google Classroom for all STEM assignments and resources

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Bon Voyage Mateys!

What an amazing year! Thank you, students, for your continued leadership during P.E.! Our matey leaders worked hard, even when faced with challenges. They confronted conflict and celebrated one another's victories.

What's next? For the 2018-2019 school year, I will be transitioning into the STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, & Math) classroom. I am excited to prepare a plethora of engaging activities for each of our student leaders.

What about P.E.? Meet the Teacher day is Friday, July 27th at 10:30am. Be sure to stop by the NP3E gym to meet our new P.E. teacher.

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Student - End of Year Survey

Please complete the end of year survey

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Week 35

Upper-grade students practiced running their Ninja Warrior obstacle courses. Next step is to perform other team courses. Let's see who can get the best time!

Scoot on Over! Kinder and second-grade classes practiced scooter safety while exploring a variety of exercises.

Getting a Little Dice-E We incorporated some math Equations in PE by using dice (grades K+2). Add 'em up! The winner got to do a victory lap and their opponent performed 5 jumping jacks.

Wow! Look at those WIGs! Each grade level set Wildly Important Goals this year. We worked hard and showed growth in most areas. Way to go Mateys!

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Week 34

It was great to see so many of you at Open House.

Kinder, 1st, and 2nd graders received their PE folders. Inside you will find their scoresheets for the year, their graphed data, and a "Top 5" sheet for you to do with your kiddo. These you will keep, however, if you'd like to share the completed worksheet with me, please take a picture and email it to me.

3rd, 4th, and 5th graders will be inputting their data online and creating their final graphs within the next 2 weeks.

Kinder and second-graders ended the week indoors movin' and shakin'. These kiddos attempted to teach me to "floss." It'll take a bit more practice, but I think I will get it...hopefully before the next dance fad hits.

We will continue Ninja Warrior obstacle courses with upper grades next week. They will attempt to improve their time when completing their team course and then explore other courses.

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Week 33: Final Strike!

We completed our strike unit and are finishing up our final fitness assessment for the year. Be sure to review your student's PE WIG and data at Open House.

What do prepositions and Ninja Warriors have to do with another? Encourage your 3rd through 5th grade to log into Google Classroom to find out

Help your student get some "trips" each day. Ride, scoot, or roll with your child. That's right! It's not just bikes. Scooters, skates, and boards count, too. As long as it doesn't have a motor it counts for #MayisBikeMonth

Dust off those old rollerblades and helmet and roll around the block.

Students are tracking their trips in class, but you can participate too! Register now: Pledge your trips and miles for a chance to win great prizes! #MayIsBikeMonth18#MIBM #BestBikeMonthEver #BikeTrip @mayisbikemonth

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Week 32: Strike & Upcoming Bike Month

Balloons in PE? Yes!

California PE standards in kinder and 1st ask students to strike a balloon upward with arms, hands, feet! So much fun!

FitnessGram assessments are almost complete. Data will be submitted on Monday. If you have a 5th grader at NP3E check-in with your student to inquire how testing went. Review their DailyFitLog to track progress in the corresponding fitness categories from this year.

It’s time to dust off your bikes, pump up your tires and join your family in bicycling for work, school, shopping, recreation or training this May during the Sacramento region’s 14th Annual May is Bike Month Campaign. Students will be tracking their "trips" each day in class. 1 "trip" is equal to 10-minutes. If your child rides for 30-minutes, that counts as 3-trips. You can participate too! Register now: Pledge your trips and miles for a chance to win great prizes! #MayIsBikeMonth18#MIBM #BestBikeMonthEver #BikeTrip @mayisbikemonth

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Week 31: Strike!

Week 31 - Strike! We are exploring ways to strike! This week we used hands/arms and short-handled implements (i.e. paddle). We highlighted body position, force, and targets.

We have one more week of our striking unit, then we will begin our fitness-focused unit. We will complete our final fitness assessment beginning in May. Continue to encourage your student to stay active after school and on weekends.

4th & 5th-grade parents - please check in with your student for DailyFitLog progress. There should be 2-4 activities logged each week in April.

Spring has sprung. Friendly reminder that students must wear closed-toe shoes every day at school (not just PE days). Please revisit NP3E dress code in the student handbook (p.7) for additional reminders.

Please provide your child a reusable water bottle every day with his/her name on it.
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