M.A.P. (Matey’s Afterschool Program)

NP3 Elementary School’s M.A.P. Program

M.A.P. is your Matey After-school Program catering to NP3 elementary and middle school students. We are a drop-in program which means, once you are registered with M.A.P., your student(s) can attend whenever you need them to. Your registration fee covers portions of school breaks when school is closed. We provide a daily snack and offer a rotating schedule so your children are not doing the same thing during their time with us. We rotate between, snack, recess, homework, and enrichment.

We offer a snack daily and 2 on minimum days. We are a peanut-free zone which means we do not offer any snacks that may contain traces of nuts. However, students may bring whatever snacks they need for the day; we have a designated area for our nut free students to eat their snacks. We have many students that have nut, gluten, and other food related allergies so we prohibit any sharing of snacks between students. Most of our snacks are cracker based and we occasionally offer fresh fruit or fruit cups. When we do activities where kids are handling food, we provide options for those with certain food allergies so that they may participate in the activity too.

For homework, we provide students 30-minutes of homework time to work on any assignments they need to get done for the day. We have Chromebooks available to use for school assignments. Students may sign out a Chromebook for homework use in 20-minute increments. Students will need to use their school logins to access them, so having them practice that at home will be helpful. If your child does not have daily homework, we provide worksheets to complete or have them read during that time. We recommend students keeping one of their favorite books in their bag so that they can pull it out during homework time.

For Enrichment, we have a diverse range of activities planned for each day. Our activities include: arts & crafts, science activities, fun with food, brain games, and group games. Some of the activities you’ll get to see hanging around the school or your students will be able to take them home to enjoy. We think of activities that will allow the students to get creative, think outside of the box, and allow them to work both individually and together as a group.

Glad to have you aboard!

Hours Morning: 6:55am – 7:55am Afternoon: Dismissal to 6:00pm

Middle School Students Middle School students needing to attend M.A.P. for the day, will hop on the bus to get dropped off at the elementary school site. The bus route is – ROUTE 12. Students riding to M.A.P. will not need a bus pass. They just need to be enrolled in M.A.P.

Drop-Off & Pick-Up Procedures Students attending M.A.P. should be dropped-off and picked-up in the cafeteria. Students will need to be signed in at drop off and signed out at pickup by Parent/Guardian or an authorized person on their contact list using our computer system or manual sign-out sheet. Everyone on your child’s pick-up list will have their own pick-up ID & Password. Once set up with your pick-up ID & Password, it will remain the same unless you wish to change it. If you forget your ID and/or Password, we can reset it.

For additional information such as Closure Dates, Weather Guidelines, and more, click the links below.

Click Here for 2019-2020 MAP Closure Dates

Click Here for Cold Weather Guidelines

Click Here for Warm Weather Guidelines


Click Here for 2019-2020 Registration Packet

Program Dates: August 1, 2019 through May 29, 2020. A list of closure dates will be provided in August.


Payment Options: M.A.P. payments can be made online through our Parent Portal on MyProcare.com. If you are interested in enrolling in automatic payments, see the information below.

To make a payment please log into MyProcare.
Parents, please login using the email provided in your current registration packet. Follow the steps to create your Password.  Once completed, you will have access to make online payments, view attendance, and print statements.

If you are accessing MyProcare, for the first time: Login using the email you provided in your M.A.P. Registration Packet Follow the steps to create your Password. It will ask you to enter a code that was emailed to you from MyProcare. Please check your spam folder (or Updates Folder) if you don’t receive it within 10 minutes. Once set up, you will have access to pay online, see attendance records, and print statements. Payments made through MyProcare are one-time payments.

Tuition Express – Automatic Payments To enroll in automatic payments, print and fill out the Authorization Form. Fill out the form choosing either Option A or Option B (select only one). Option A Automatic Payments from Credit Card Option B Automatic Payments from Bank Account Please submit a voided check in addition to the form
Tuition Express Authorization Form (PDF) Once you have filled out the form, please turn it in to ONLY the Director, Eugene Felise or Office Manager Aericka Westerfield. Payments will be processed when statements become available 2 business days following the end of the previous month.

Click Here for Tuition Express Payment Form

If you have any questions regarding payments or any of the options above, email Eugene Felise at [email protected] All information provided is confidential and stored securely. Information obtained is encrypted within Procare’s PCI Level One compliant environment which maintains section 1.1.5 PA DSS compliance and protects cardholder data. Payment information shall only be used to process payments only pertaining to the Matey After-school Program through Procare.

Eugene Felise – “Mr. Gene” M.A.P. Director “I am local to Sacramento. I grew up in the parochial school system k-8 and continued on to Jesuit High School where I also played volleyball. I moved on to the University of San Francisco where I studied Psychology and French and graduated with a degree in Psychology. I started with Westlake Charter’s BASE Program in 2009 working the summer camp. I helped in growing Westlake’s BASE Program with Star Academy in 2012 and stayed with them until 2016 where I began working with NP3. I enjoy the familial environment that NP3 has and continues to foster daily. My goal with M.A.P. is to create an environment where students are able to socialize and engage with their peers and our staff in ways that give them a “mental” break from their daily routines. We have a great and diverse staff who are able to connect with our students in their own unique ways with the understanding that each child is their own person. In M.A.P. we enjoy having the kids be just that, kids. After hours, I enjoy playing and coaching volleyball. I’ve coached High School volleyball in the past at Mira Loma High School where I was also a Coach of the Year nominee 2 times during my last 2 years there. I’ve also coached at River City High School. I currently coach competitive volleyball for a Sacramento Club (SPVC) at the 16’s level. Looking forward to another great school year!”

Mr. Zack – Morning M.A.P. “I live locally in North Natomas. I am a big sports fan who enjoys playing and watching multiple types of sports. I enjoy hiking and camping all year around. My favorite color is orange and some people might say I’m obsessed with the Oregon Ducks. I’m an NP3 staff member by day and a UPS man by night. I am a huge food connoisseur (I love food) and I love to cook. BBQing and slow roasting on the smoker are my specialties. I have a passion for working hard and never letting anyone down. I have a wonderful pirate family and would never ever want to change it.”

Ms. Q – Kinder & First Group Leader “I’m laid back and friendly. I am always willing to help out in anyway I can. If you want to know anything else about me, just ask. Thanks 🙂”

Ms. Karen – 2nd Grade & 3rd Grade Leader “Hi, my name is Karen Pulido and I am an NP3 alumni and a first year at Sac State University. I am a bilingual student who genuinely cares for others. From working at M.A.P., I have created special bonds with students and now intend to pursue education as a career. One piece of advice I constantly remind students is to, “Do good things, so good things can come back to them.”