Academics & Curriculum

Academic Requirements

The NP3 High School academic program is designed to ensure that each student is challenged and successful throughout high school, and well-prepared for success in top universities and colleges. Students enroll in College Prep (CP), Honors College Prep (HCP) and/or Advanced Placement (AP) classes. In completing graduation requirements, students are also completing the University of California’s UC “a-g” admissions requirements and additional college prep or AP electives. NP3’s grading scale is “A, B, C or NC (no credit). D’s do not earn diplomas at NP3. Students take 8 classes per year in a 4-by-4 schedule, with four 10-credit classes in the Fall Term and 4 different 10-credit classes in the Spring Term (much like a college schedule). NP3 requires 260 credits to graduate.

Credit requirements are as follows:


UC “a-g” Requirements NP3 Graduation Requirements UC Recommends
History/Social Science 2 4
English 4 4
Mathematics 3 3 4
Laboratory Science 2 2 3
Language other than English 2 2 3
Visual/Performing Arts 1 1
College Prep Electives 1 2 additional
PE / CP & Other Electives 0 8

Important Note: In order to be competitive for admission to highly selective private universities and UC campuses, students are encouraged to take AP classes and to complete classes in excess of the requirements and recommended numbers listed above.

Courses Offered

History/Social Science

World History 1: Foundations of Law
World History 2 CP
AP World History
United States History CP
AP United States History
American Government
AP U.S. Government and Politics
AP Comparative Government and Politcs


English 9 CP
English 10 CP
English 10 HCP
English 11 CP
AP English Language & Composition
English 12 – Many Voices, One People: Creating Acceptance in an Intolerable World
English 12 – Perception & Reality: Finding and Making Meaning
AP English Literature & Composition


Algebra 1 CP
Algebra A CP
Algebra B CP
Geometry CP
Algebra 2 CP
Statistics CP
Calculus CP
AP Calculus

Laboratory Science

Earth Science
Experimental Science
Biology CP
AP Biology
Anatomy and Physiology
Chemistry CP
AP Chemistry
AP Environmental Science / Honors Environmental Law & Public Policy
Physics CP
AP Physics 1: Algebra-Based
AP Physics 2: Algebra-Based

Language (Other than English)

Spanish 1
Spanish 2
Spanish 3
Spanish 4
AP Spanish Language

Performing Arts

Art 1
Art 2
AP Studio Art: Drawing
Beginning Choir
Beginning Guitar
Music Appreciation
Painting 1
TV and Media Production

College Prep Electives

AP Seminar
Constitutional Law in American History
Constitutional Law in American History Honors
Creative Writing
Cultural Studies
Forensic Science
Fundamentals of Engineering
Gender and Women’s Studies
International Relations & Public Policy
Introduction to Philosophy
Introduction to Sociology
Micro & Macro Economics and Civil Law

Other Elective Courses

Computer Literacy
Computer Programming
Criminal Law
Peer Court
Peer Tutor
Physical Education
Public Health Issues
Student Government
Yearbook (may meet after school)
Study Skills
TA/Office Assistant

Additionally, all students have Advisory Class and mini-classes (tutorials) are offered two days per week for enrichment.

Possible Internships

Internship Opportunities for UC Eligible Juniors & Seniors (10-20 CR)

Law Clinics at Mc George Private Law Firms
Government Offices/Agencies
Elementary Schools
Non-Profit / Public Policy Organizations
Others: arranged according to individual student career interests