NP3’s Mission:

The NP3 community graduates college ready students who value diversity, intellectual engagement, and are dedicated to personal and civic responsibility.

NP3 K-12 Counseling Team Vision:

The vision of NP3 counselors is to promote student resource and resiliency through informed and responsive practices. We will foster a healthy and safe community. We will be focused on student centered outcomes that are equitable and culturally responsive.

What Our Counselors Do:

Our Counselors are assigned by grade level to individual Advisory classes.  They meet with each student during the school year, to discuss their academic progress, future plans, and address any personal concerns.  Students may request an appointment by sending and email (see below), or by leaving a “Request for a Counseling Appointment” form in their counselor’s mailbox.  Parents and teachers may also refer a student to counseling.

Counselors also:

  •  Visit Advisory classes to explain the role of counseling
  •  Work with Advisory Teachers to help each student develop their 4-year plan,
  •  Provide test prep materials and appropriate career and college prep information to students and parents
  •  Help coordinate college visits, and present the Academic Planning meetings for parents each February 

Counseling Assignments:

9th-12th Grade Counselor: Ms. Kelly Clancey, [email protected]

  • 9th Grade Advisory: Missio, Seaver
  • 10th Grade Advisory: England, Higgins/Meditz, Huang
  • 11th Grade Advisory: Guzman, Knestrick
  • 12th Grade Advisory: Felt, Qasmi

9th-12th Grade Counselor: Ms. Navjot Hayer, [email protected]

  • 9th Grade Advisory: Hembree, Wabinga
  • 10th Grade Advisory: Riehl, Vallesfino
  • 11th Grade Advisory:  A. Jones, Osborn, Thompson
  • 12th Grade Advisory: Ciubal, Hernandez, Ho

9th-12th Grade Counselor: Mrs. Lindsay Ulrich, [email protected]

  • 9th Grade Advisory: Simpson, Spall/Rice, Tyshchenko/Maccini
  • 10th Grade Advisory: Harris, Parker
  • 11th Grade Advisory: Peacock, Villaneva/Daragahi
  • 12th Grade Advisory: Dillingham, Durham

NOTE:  Because our Advisory Teachers are teaching most of the day, and our Counselors schedule many appointments with students every day (including before and after school), please be sure to call or email in advance to make an appointment.  We know that your time is valuable and we don’t want you to have a long wait until your student’s Counselor or Advisory Teacher is available to speak with you.