Pirate Clubs


NP3 Middle School has a variety of student created and student led action teams. Each team is a little different as they each build their own focus and goals. The teams change from year to year and some of our favorite ones are listed below. Action teams can allow for and foster connection with other students, a focus on an area of interest, building upon leadership skills, contributions to their community and more.

  • Pop Culture Club
  • Pirate Lighthouse
  • NP3 Today
  • Sports and Soccer
  • Overbooked Action Team
  • Creative Writing
  • Movie Critics Action Team
  • Lost and Found
  • Earth Club
  • Outdoor Action Team
  • Bump Set Hoorah (Volleyball)
  • Disc Golf Club
  • Music Action Team
  • Fantasy Sports Club
  • Tutors
  • The Magic Oven Action Team
  • Pirate Coding
  • NP3 Middle Podcast Network
  • Debate
  • Fun Time Lunch Time
  • Let’s Doodle Action Team
  • Pirate Run Club