Science Camp


NP3 sixth grade students are invited to attend the 7th annual Science Outdoor Education Camp at Alliance Redwoods in Occidental near Santa Rosa. This camp is an incredible opportunity to experience science and education in nature’s natural state! Camp also provides team building, challenge courses and other day and night activities for learning. Some of these activities include rock-wall climbing, zip-lining, and nature and environmental classes.

Camp details include:
  • Length of stay is three days and two nights. Departure from  campus is Monday, May 13 and arrival back to campus is Wednesday, May 15.
  • Buses transport students and chaperons to and from the location. All camp attendees are expected to travel using the arranged buses.
  • Three meals per day are provided by Alliance Redwoods. Special dietary arrangements can be made for your child, if needed. Special dietary arrangements cost $18 extra at $3 per meal for 6 meals total.
  • A nurse is present, on site, 24-7. The nurse will distribute any needed medications to the students. You will be informed of the procedure by which we will take in your student’s prescriptions.
  • Camp costs are  $270 per student with regular meals. Cost per student with special dietary arrangements is $288. The fees cover transportation, meals, activities and classes.

NP3 has the policy that all students attend camp, unless opting out for personal reasons. We see Camp as an extension of our classrooms and we assume that no child is left behind. We hope all families can contribute the full cost to cover for their student. However, in order to make this exciting week work, we also ask for your help with fundraising so we can support those families that are challenged to contribute the (full) cost for their student.

We are asking for your support:
  • Parent volunteers are extremely important to the process. Volunteers will help with the fundraising/donation process.
  • Camp requires up to 24 parent chaperons, depending on the number of students attending camp (1 chaperon per 7 students). Chaperons help make camp happen and are an important part to making this week successful!

Alliance Redwoods website:
For further information you can contact Mr. Kers, [email protected]