Learning on health topics is guided by California State Health Standards on Nutrition concepts, Injury Prevention & Safety, Alcohol, Tobacco & other drugs, and Comprehensive Sexual Health.  Lessons are centered around healthy decision making, risk reduction and disease prevention. The California Healthy Youth Act requires schools to provide students with integrated, comprehensive, accurate, and unbiased comprehensive sexual health and HIV prevention education at least once in middle school and once in high school. 


The content in the comprehensive sexual health lessons will include information on:
  • Anatomy and physiology of the reproductive systems (including pregnancy)
  • Healthy relationships & Sexual Violence prevention
  • STI/HIV/AIDS prevention education 
The California Healthy Youth Act states that ALL students participate in Comprehensive Sexual Health Education unless a parent or guardian voluntarily removes their student from the instruction. A parent or guardian of a student has the right to request that their student not receive parts or all of the comprehensive sexual health education. If parents or guardians do not want their student to be present for the comprehensive sexual health education and/or parts of the comprehensive sexual health instruction they are asked to communicate with their child’s Advisor. Failure to sending an email is considered permission for your student to receive all/or parts of the comprehensive sexual health instruction.