Ms. Mitzi Missio

  • 6th Grade
  • Social Studies Teacher
  • NP3 Middle School
(916) 813-7539 (cell)
[email protected]

About Me

Hello and thank you for taking the time to read a little bit about me!

Although this is my sixth year teaching at NP3 Middle School, I have over 18 years teaching experience at the secondary level, including college instruction as well.  I grew up in the San Francisco Bay Area and went to college at the University of CA, Santa Barbara.  I have a Master’s degree in Education as well as a Master’s in Sociology.  My Master’s research and thesis focused on how parental involvement affects the academic achievement and self-esteem of students at the secondary level.

My 8 year old daughter Jenna is absolutely amazing and blesses my life every day with her spirit, love, and wisdom!  I enjoy sharing stories about her with my students and she enjoys coming to school when possible to interact with my students.

Additionally, as of September 1st this year, my daughter and I opened our home and hearts to welcome 8 year old Serenity to our family.  We will permanently adopt her this coming Spring!

Outside of school, I enjoy spending time with my family on weekend getaways or just relaxing at a BBQ or movie.  In good weather, I enjoy camping, boating, wakeboarding, hiking, sight-seeing, going to the beach, and finding local events to take my daughter to.  In the cooler months, I like to snowboard with my daughter, tell family stories around the fireplace, host holiday parties for kids, and plan game nights and movie nights for my family.




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