Ms. Rebecca Clark

  • 7 and 8
  • P.E. Teacher
  • NP3 Middle School
[email protected]

About Me

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My Personal Mission Statement 

'It all work outs if you work it"

About my PE class

   Theoretically, I understood the impact of physical activity on physical health. In a post pandemic world, EVERYONE now knows and understands the impacts of physical activity on children's development. The absence of physical activities and interactions proved detrimental to humans of all ages socially, mentally, and physically.The goal of my class has always been to develop confident and enthusiastic movers. Especially now, I want my students get some healing and sweating started. I hope they find help getting healthy here with the NP3 Physical Education department!


  • Bachelors in Science - California State university, Sacramento
  • Credential - California State university, Sacramento
  • Masters in Educational Leadership and Policy -California State university, Sacramento