Ms. Rebecca Clark

  • 7 and 8
  • P.E. Teacher
  • NP3 Middle School
916-567-5740 ext. 47044
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About Me

Ms. Clarks Survey

My Personal Mission Statement 

'It all work outs if you work it"

 We all need to take care of ourselves in a way that ensures the ability to take on all kinds of stresses; academics, sports, career, and social. Vocabulary for Leader in ME calls this care for ourselves Sharpening the Saw (Habit 7). In addition to learning ways to sharpen your saw, physical education is a path to developing the whole child. Physical education is no longer about running a mile and dressing out. Properly taught movement develops the brain pathways and reinforces appropriate social behavior. It also solidifies other academic content and bridges content with the “real world”.  It  gives our children the tools to combat obesity, type-2 diabetes, and cardiovascular disease, growing issues in our youth population. I hope to motivate all my students to be life long movers and always take care of themselves. Check out my Go fund me page to support the purchase of Heart rate monitors, the best measure of cardiovascular effort!

In addition to teaching I coordinate with Ms. Silas the 8th grade annual East Coast trip. Visit the page for enrollment and FAQs

See our Pirates Run! page for details on running events going on at our school

Physical Education Class Mission Statement

We honor growth,

The body is always moving,

We determine the direction!


Weekly Videos

  • Interval Training Video (Click Here)                             
  • Self Care Video (Click Here)


Quarter 2 Tasks

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