Principal’s Corner

Nou Vang is Natomas Park Elementary’s New Principal If newly hired Natomas Park Elementary School Principal Nou Vang could be characterized with a single word, it’s this: Collaboration. A veteran elementary school administrator with more than seven years of experience, Mrs. Vang talks passionately about building relationships, creating rapport, and working with staff and families for student success. “Many hands make the load lighter,” she explains. Mrs. Vang grew up in the Hmong culture, among 12 siblings, and one of her key values is that it takes a village to raise a child. “I’m a very approachable, relationship person, I work in a fashion that’s very collaborative,” she said. “To me, shared decision-making is huge. It’s important to value everyone’s input. How can we work together toward a common purpose — the success of our students?” Mrs. Vang also describes herself as a very “positive and compassionate” person whose immigrant parents raised her to love and value education. They told Nou that her sole job as a child was to do her best in school. “Education is the key that unlocks doors to opportunities in the world,” they told her. A “Meet and Greet” session with Mrs. Vang will be scheduled before classes resume, giving staff and families a chance to get to know the new principal and hear her plans for the coming year. An announcement about date and time will be sent to the campus community. Mrs. Vang said she grew up always wanting to make a positive impact in the world. She chose to be an educator because of teachers who made a difference in her own life, inspiring and challenging her. “To me, it’s about being part of that and paying it forward,” she said of her career. “Being a positive impact in the lives of others. Providing inspiration and support to help others succeed. That’s what gives me the greatest passion.” Mrs. Vang comes to NPE after serving as principal last year of Johnson Park Elementary in Olivehurst, Yuba County. She also has three years of elementary school experience as an Assistant Principal, three years as an instructional coach, and six years as a 1st and 4th grade teacher. As an administrator, she oversaw her school’s 139-point increase in student achievement on the state’s Academic Performance Index (API) over three years, and she implemented a positive behavior and support plan that reduced student suspensions, over a three-year period, from 179 days to just nine days. Please welcome Mrs. Vang to the Coyote family.