NUSD Alum to be Featured on Food Network

--- Published on November 17th 2023 ---
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Ehsan Tahir 2023

A familiar face will grace TV sets! Inderkum High School graduate Ehsan Tahir will take on the Food Network Cookie Challenge next Thursday, Thanksgiving Day, at 9 pm. 

Recently, Tahir spoke with NUSD about the importance of staying focused in school, in order to pursue your dreams. 

Tahir’s advice to students

”Every small task or homework assignment is an opportunity for you to build your work ethic. Don’t lose sight of the importance of your academics and extracurriculars while pursuing your dreams. Consistently putting love and passion into whatever it is that brings you joy will continue to bring exciting opportunities in your life.”

Tahir’s passion for baking started early

“I started cooking at a young age because my parents worked late hours and that’s where my passion for cooking and baking began. Growing up I used food to express my creativity and to share my passion with others.”

What’s Cooking Currently in Tahir’s Life

“I’m still actively pursuing a career in culinary arts  – I currently juggle a public sector job and a baking business from my home kitchen.”

How Tahir Feels About Appearing on The Food Network

“As an introvert I’m nervous, however, I am excited and grateful to be on national tv doing what I love. While I can’t share any spoilers, please watch on November 23rd to see how I did. I’m proud that I stepped out of my comfort zone for this once in a lifetime opportunity.”


To stay up to date on Ehsan Tahir’s upcoming bakes, follow the IHS graduate on Instagram @EhsansPatisserie.