NUSD Alumni Spotlight: Gurmeet Mohem

--- Published on September 19th 2019 ---
Gurmeet Mohem

Gurmeet Mohem
Class of 1999, Natomas High School
Natomas Middle School and American Lakes Elementary

Gurmeet Mohem was filled with joy when she returned recently to her former elementary school American Lakes. Reciting the school song from memory, you would think that she had just learned it the day prior. But that’s just how significant American Lakes was in her life. 

At only seven years old, she moved to Natomas from India with her family and enrolled in school as an English Learner. “It wasn’t easy acclimating to a new environment, culture, and community with the language barrier on top of it. The teachers I had played an immense role in helping me feel accepted and successful along the way.” One teacher, in particular, had a great impact on her life. “My 6th-grade teacher Rae Earnest was instrumental in impacting my love for learning and envisioning a future towards a career in education.” 

There were other teachers at Natomas Middle and Natomas High School who fostered a safe environment for her to explore learning in meaningful ways. “My learning evolved from building my inner confidence through lots of encouragement from the teachers and staff during my formative years. I didn’t feel like an outsider. I felt like I was part of my classroom, school, and community in a meaningful way. I was prepared for college with the confidence I needed to succeed.” 

After graduating from Natomas High School in 1999, Gurmeet attended UC Davis and earned a degree in Psychology. She also earned a Master’s degree at the University of Phoenix and a Ph.D. at Capella University. She currently designs content for K-12 and higher education institutes and works with publishing vendors in education technology on student learning and faculty professional development. 

One of the best things that she likes about Sacramento is calling Natomas home.

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Gurmeet Mohem