NUSD seeks to invest in diverse future teachers

--- Published on August 15th 2018 ---
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After a successful launch last year, Natomas Unified again is accepting applications for its innovative program that invests in future teachers who reflect the diversity of our community and make a long-term commitment to our students.  
Applications will be accepted through Oct. 15 for the Diverse Future Teacher Recruitment Program, which offers financial incentives to help a limited number of college graduates earn their teaching credential in return for serving NUSD students for three years or more.
The program focuses first and foremost on NUSD graduates or current classified staff who can meet the diverse needs of our student population or specialize in Math, Science, or other hard-to-fill subject areas. 
About 100 people applied last year for the program, which is funded by one-time state money that cannot be used for ongoing expenses. Timely recruitment of diverse future teachers is vital because California faces a teacher shortage statewide. 
Here’s what NUSD will do to help participating future teachers: 
•Pay 80% of the cost of their one-year teacher credential program 
•Provide an NUSD MacBook for use during their credential program 
•Provide a $500 monthly allowance for 12 months if they choose to live within NUSD boundaries during the duration of their credential program 
•Provide monetary incentives if they meet requirements for: 
       — Diversity: $5,000 (i.e. lived in a ZIP code that matches our demographics; bilingual; demonstrated academic interest in subjects such as gender, race, multicultural studies; involvement with organizations that support underserved students)
       — Earning teaching credentials in “hard to fill” subject areas: $5,000 (i.e. Math, Science, Special Education, World Language, Career-Technical Education
Participants’ three-year commitment to NUSD creates a foundation of consistency and commitment by diverse, high-quality new teachers who can help NUSD meet its Board-approved Vision that all students graduate as “”college and career ready, productive, responsible, and engaged global citizens.” 
An online application form and program details are available hereQuestions can be answered by our Human Resources team at (916) 567-5469.