NUSD’s new family member has four legs, a tail, and a campus nickname: Benji

--- Published on November 28th 2018 ---
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Discovery High's Benjamin "Benji" Bulldog

Democracy in action? Look no farther than the newest member of NUSD’s family – Bulldog Benjamin of Discovery High.

The all-bark, no-bite school mascot began as a figment of the imagination of senior Nayelli Medina, who attended an NUSD event, saw costumed mascots from other schools, and decided that Discovery needed one, too.

Nayelli began “hounding” Principal Keven MacDonald every day to “fetch” a Bulldog costume, but he wouldn’t be “collared.” She was “barking” up the wrong tree — “fur” sure. “Ruff” going. He wouldn’t lift a “paw.” So Nayelli “unleashed” an ace in the hole.

Consistent with Discovery’s push for students to use statements, claims and evidence in schoolwork, Nayelli argued that a living mascot was vital. She claimed it would enhance school spirit. And her evidence was a petition signed by dozens of students.

That did the trick, apparently, so here’s the end of the “tail” – I mean, tale. The photo below shows Discovery High’s new costumed critter introducing itself on campus … And yep, you guessed it: Under all that fur is Principal “Bulldog Benji” MacDonald … o)