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Welcome to the Natomas Unified School District ParentSquare webpage! We are excited to have one primary single communication platform to connect and engage with our families throughout the district. Our families expressed a desire for the district to simplify its means of communication to help them keep up with all the communications received from their school sites, teachers, and district office. This page is dedicated to all things ParentSquare including training, how-to-guides, frequently asked questions, multiple videos, handouts, printed documents, and more. 

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Staff Training

Parent Training

Downloading the App or Accessing online

ParentSquare is available in the Apple Store and Google Play Store. When you download the app for the first time and log into ParentSquare, you will need to log in with the phone number or email that you have on file for your student with the district. The phone number and email will recognize that you are a parent/guardian of that student and ask for you to confirm. Once you confirm, you will receive messages for that students. After that, feel free to peruse the platform and update your profile, preferred languages, and other cool features.
If you have problems logging in, contact our ParentSquare helpline at or your school directly.
If you do not download the app, you can still set up an account through the ParentSquare website. Click on this link

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StudentSquare Information

Downloading the StudentSquare app

Getting Started with your StudentSquare Account

Activate account by creating it here

Visit StudentSquare Page



What is ParentSquare?

ParentSquare is our new District wide communication app to communicate with families.

What features will I still use in Infinite Campus?

Grades, attendance, and contact information will still be managed in Infinite Campus. All other communications will be sent through Parent Square. The following table is to help staff and parents understand the role of Infinite Campus and ParentSquare and what functions will be performed in each. Click here to view.

Infinite Campus v.s ParentSquare Capabilities

Grades, attendance, and contact information will still be managed in Infinite Campus. All other communications will be sent through ParentSquare. For a comparison chart, click here to view.

Technical Q & A’s after ParentSquare launches in July 2023

Do parents still get phone calls with ParentSquare?

Back in the last century, the gold standard for communication was one message to a household via the home landline phone and/or via snail mail. Fast forward to the present, and the gold standard has become digital messaging — text messages, emails, and app notifications that are received by individuals with their own unique contact information. Most people no longer rely on their landline phone, if they even still have one. And we have found that many parents dislike receiving phone calls and voicemails.

ParentSquare can send messages to both parents at their individual contact info using text messages, emails and, if the message is an alert, phone calls. This information comes from what the parents provide on the emergency form. All parents are encouraged to provide their cell numbers and their email addresses, as this is the primary means of communication we use now.

How do parents get a ParentSquare (PS) account?

Parents are automatically assigned PS accounts. PS contains a tool for the school to invite parents to register (activate) their accounts. Parents can also activate their accounts by visiting the ParentSquare website or by using the NUSD ParentSquare mobile app.

There’s a mobile app?

Yes. The ParentSquare App is available on iOS and Android.

Is it necessary for parents to register their account to receive messages?

No. Registering their account allows them to customize their preferences, but it’s not necessary to register in order to receive messages.

ParentSquare didn’t recognize my phone number and/or email address. Why not?

ParentSquare gets all of its contact data from Infinite Campus, NUSD’s student information system. If it’s not correct in Infinite Campus, or it’s not in Infinite Campus at all, then it won’t be in ParentSquare. You need to contact the school office to get your contact info added or corrected. ParentSquare will also give you the option of submitting a Join Request online (see next question).

How do I enter or change my contact information in ParentSquare?

All parent contact information, whether new info or requested changes, must be processed by the school. School staff enter the information into Infinite Campus, and it syncs with ParentSquare every night.

I deleted/can’t find the email/text/app notification. Is that message saved somewhere?

Yes. You can find it in a couple of ways:

  1. Log in to your ParentSquare account and click on Posts. You will see all the messages from the school(s) that you are associated with.
  2. Check your school website. Schools share most of their posts to their website homepage under School News.


I can’t see all of my children on one ParentSquare account. / Why do I have multiple ParentSquare accounts?

Using ParentSquare requires parent information to be in the right places in Infinite Campus, as well as exactly the same for multiple students. If there are different phone numbers or email addresses provided by one parent for multiple children, then ParentSquare will create multiple accounts (each one with a single child), as ParentSquare bases the parent account on the phone number or email address.

To fix this, contact NUSD District Office to ensure that your contact information is consistent among all of your children’s schools. 

I am only getting emails and not text messages. How can I change this?

You can log into your ParentSquare account to change your preferences. Here are instructions.

I’m not getting any messages at all from ParentSquare. Why not?

There are a few possibilities:

  • The school does not have your correct contact information.
  • The same phone number or email address is used for both parents, so only one parent is getting the messages.
  • You have turned off all the modes of communication in your ParentSquare account.

I’m not getting pinged with messages all day long from ParentSquare. What can I do?

Got message fatigue? We understand! All parents have the option to receive the day’s messages in a single “digest” email in the evening. This email combines messages from all schools and the district. As of June 23, 2020, all user ParentSquare accounts should have been 

I have a question not answered here.

  1. See ParentSquare Help Page
  2. Contact Aaron Belman 


Is ParentSquare replacing Infinite Campus?

Infinite Campus is our Student Information System and will continue to be the “parent” of where we store our student information. Parent Square can be referred to as a “child” of Infinite Campus. It is dependent on Infinite Campus and cannot function independently.

Is ParentSquare replacing Class Dojo, Remind and any other communication apps?

When will ParentSquare be available?

  • Starting 07/01/2023 all Teachers, Staff, Parents, and Students will receive their welcome invite to join ParentSquare
  • ParentSquare app is available to staff, teachers, and parents to use.
  • StudentSquare app is available for 9-12 students to use.

My student attends Larry G. Meeks Academy, and we are already using ParentSquare. Is there anything new that I need to do?

No. You are already in the system.

Download the app

As a reminder, the district will be launching this to all families this summer. An invitation will be sent to all families to join.

Need Help with Technical Issues?

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