Paso Verde Pumas fight leukemia with a fun-loving, pie-shoving, whipped-cream-in-your-face playground extravaganza

--- Published on March 15th 2019 ---
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Teacher is all smiles after getting 'pied'

Fighting leukemia — one pie at a time.

How sweet it is!

Today, Paso Verde School celebrated raising $4,537 for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society’s “Pennies for Patients” drive with a huge pie-in-the-face extravaganza in which hundreds of kids slathered a teacher of their choice with a small mountain of whipped cream.

All Pumas who raised more than $5 qualified for a fun-loving, pie-shoving memory that they probably will treasure forever. And any student who raised more than $25 got a huge strip of duct tape to help fasten Bret Wilson, a 6th-grade teacher, to an exterior wall like a classroom poster. (He may still be hanging there!)

Shining star of the day was Julian Esparza, 10, who personified “Pennies for Patients” at Paso Verde and inspired classmates to work so hard on fundraising. Julian once suffered from leukemia himself, but the disease is in remission now.

How sweet it is, indeed.