PREPARED TO SUCCEED @ NUSD – Libier Reynolds, lifestyle blog owner and editor

--- Published on December 14th 2016 ---
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(Note: Celebrating its Silver Anniversary, NUSD is spotlighting some of its former graduates who have achieved success in college or career. Libier Reynolds is an example of a student who learned skills and life lessons at Natomas HIgh School that contributed directly to her career success. She immigrated to America as a child and fondly remembers an NUSD 3rd grade teacher who stayed after school to teach her English. Now Libier’s career revolves around writing. She own and edits a lifestyle blog. To nominate deserving alumni, please call Communications Director Jim Sanders at 916-561-5267. Thank you.)


High School Attended: Natomas High School, graduated Class of 2002

Other NUSD Schools Attended: Bannon Creek School, Natomas Middle School

College Attended/Degree Earned: American River College/none

Career: “I’ve been fortunate to be involved in a host of professions that have been building blocks to my path. Every place I worked since NUSD prepared me in some way for what I’m doing now. I’ve been a bartender, a media buyer, worked in retail, an actress, and a stay-at-home mother.”

Brief Description of Your Career Now: “Owner and editor of I run a full-time lifestyle blog that encompasses fashion, beauty and inspiration. I do everything from social media marketing, creative direction and production, to video editing, writing, modeling, acting and live TV.”

Q: How would you complete this sentence? NUSD was good for me because …

A: “…it provided teachers and people that encouraged me to believe in my dreams. People who helped me and loved me during an extremely difficult season of my life.”

Q: How did an NUSD education help prepare you for college or career?

A: “I came into America in 1992 from Mexico and didn’t know a lick of English, well maybe ‘pencil’ and ‘Where’s the restroom?’ Important! My first teacher at NUSD, Mrs. Helfridge, would stay after school to teach me English in the 3rd grade. I will never forget her passion for teaching me. I will never forget the kind people NUSD employed that gave of their time and knowledge to give me a better future. Mr. Eick in high school encouraged me to be the best artist I could be. His insatiable charisma would fill my heart and motivated me to stay in school and keep pressing into the hopes of my heart. He believed in me, I wanted to believe in me, too.”

Q: What advice would you give to current students?

A: “My advice to current students at NUSD is this: You are lovely, worthy, valuable, cherished. Do the best you can and when you fall, give yourself compassion. It’s okay to make mistakes, let’s learn from them, rather than be so frustrated at them. Have a student lifestyle, make up your mind to love to learn. Don’t wish for the future, be present. Enjoy your time in school. Don’t compare yourself to others, know that you are all valuable and needed. You can make it because there will NEVER in the history of the universe be anyone just like YOU. Your super power is being yourself. Be you. Make good choices and when you make bad ones, say sorry and learn. Know that you have a future ahead of you, regardless of where you come from. There is something in you the world needs, don’t give up. Never give up. Be kind. Love much. Forgive much. You might just change the world.”

Q: Favorite memory from NUSD days?

“I loved being involved in the Drama Department. I spent a lot of my time in the theatre. I don’t know if I have a specific memory, rather a delightful string of times on that stage and in the drama class room. I believe there is a piece of my heart on that stage.”

Q: Future goals?

“My goals are to keep pressing forward in this thing called life, even through the struggles, not to give up when the going gets rough, which it does, often. I hope to choose to have hope and joy daily. To know and believe my worth isn’t in what I do, rather who I am. I would love nothing more than to look back at the end of my life and hear people say that I loved much and I gave much. My goals are to build more wonderful relationships and to never stop learning. I would love to learn something until my time has come.”

NUSD’s BOARD-APPROVED VISION: “All NUSD students graduate as college and career ready, productive, responsible, and engaged global citizens.”