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April 19 for the PVS Open House.
These are events you will not want to miss as your scholars will perform and showcase their work.

Upcoming Dates to Put in Your Calendar:

April 19: PVS Open House 6:00pm
Mark​ ​Your​ ​Calendar​ ​for​ the following ​Minimum​ ​Day:​ ​ May 24. Last Day of School

Student Safety:

Our scholars come first at PVS. It is important that scholars who bike, skate, or scoot to or from campus MUST WEAR A HELMET. It is for their safety and it is the law. Please understand that Puma Pounce volunteers and school staff will require students without helmets to walk and carry their ride. Please contact the main office if you need a helmet, we can provide one for your child.


2018 Parent/Family Survey

Share your input today!

Parent/Family Survey

We want to hear from you. Give us your feedback about academics, school climate, and parent engagement.

Queremos escuchar de usted. Comparta su opinión sobre la área académica, el clima escolar y el compromiso de los padres.

There are many ways to complete a survey! Visit http://natomasunified.org/family or click the box above to complete the survey online. Students have also been given paper copies of surveys to bring home to parents/families to complete. If you have not received your paper copy, there are extra copies in the front office. All paper surveys may be returned with students to teachers or to the drop box in the front office. Surveys may also be mailed to “Research and Data” at: 1901 Arena Blvd, Sacramento, CA 95834.

¡Hay muchas maneras de completar una encuesta! Visite http://natomasunified.org/family o haga clic en la caja de arriba para completar la encuesta por medio de la red. A los estudiantes se les dio una copia de la encuestas para llevar a casa y completar por los padres/familias. Si usted aún no ha recibido su copia, tendremos copias adicionales en la oficina principal. Todas las encuestas de papel pueden ser entregadas a los maestros por los estudiantes o pueden ser dejadas en la caja de encuestas ubicada en la oficina de la escuela. Las encuestas también pueden ser enviadas al departamento de “Research and Data”  al: 1901 Arena Blvd, Sacramento, CA 95838.

The PVS Learner Profile for April is THINKER.

Thinker scholars exercise initiative in applying thinking skills critically and creatively to recognize and approach complex problems and make reasoned, ethical decisions. Our scholars will be extraordinarily well prepared for the academic requirements of university coursework.


Visit out Paso Verde School PTA site to review
PTA board job descriptions along with board member nominations.

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Online tool logos

Tony Bico, PVS Parent and IT Manager for UC Davis along with our very own Mark Bornstein presented online privacy presentation on Nov. 30. If you missed it,  your in luck! Click the button above to view the entire presentation

PVS Edible Logo

Our groundbreaking event for the Lettuce Turnip the Beet was a huge success in large part to all of the people who donated materials, time, and resources. We thank you!

Donations  generously provided by:
Fiery GInger Farms- West Sacramento Farmer

Sacramento County Farm Bureau
 Bill Bird, Executive Director | Alexis Silveira, Program and Membership Coordinator 

HM Clause, Inc

Home Depot

Only One You Sign donated by Margie Rueb

Special thanks to our PTA and volunteers:
Laurie Crutchfield | Traci Dunn |  Yating Campbell | All PVS Parents

Community Organizations:
Natomas Cub Scout Pack 402 | Girl Scout Troop 1290

NUSD Nutritional Services:
Vince Caguin | Rylee Welly | Megan Reese | Jenn Orosco

Guest Speaker:
Julianna Arnett-Farm to School Lead from USDA

Special Acknowledgments:
NUSD Board of Trustees

Superintendent Evans
NUSD School Leadership and Support

Sign up for

Cooking with Kids 

We are so excited to offer our Puma community the opportunity to Cook with Kids.Parent participation is required and we will offer this opportunity following dismissal from 3pm-5pm.  If you would like to sign up, each date is limited to 20 people about 4-5 families.

Paso Verde’s book of the Year!


We are happy to highlight Paso Verde’s Book of the Year! Our PTA has selected a wonderful book that will be incorporated into each class. The whole school will participate in an art project that coincides with this book which will be revealed at Back to School night on August 17th, 2017.

Upcoming Events

Fri 27

Coffee with the Principal

April 27 @ 9:00 am - 10:00 am
May 24

Last Day of School

May 24