Family Helps 18-19 2nd Grade Project

--- Published on December 26th 2018 ---
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PVS 2nd Grade families help screenshot from youtube video

Families Help Video Project

Mr. Bornstein’s PVS Second Grade Class

IB Unit 1 Central Idea:  Our family unit and friends help us and teach us how to operate as people.

Key Concept:  Connection

Line of Inquiry:An inquiry into how families grow and interact.

Project description:  We have been doing a lot of reflection on our central idea for our current IB unit of inquiry.  We did some writing specifically thinking about times when our family helped us. We decided to make a fun video project out of it as a way to share our memories and help demonstrate the truth of our central idea.  Participation in the filming part of the project was not mandatory, only those students who desired to be filmed participated.


Special thanks to:

Yating Campbell for help with filming

Mrs. Jarrell, Ms. Comstock, Mr. Noah, and Mrs. Fast for letting me film you