End of the Year Principal Message

--- Published on June 14th 2021 ---
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As we close out the year, I want to say how proud we are to have celebrated so many firsts this year at Paso Verde! We accomplished a year of virtual and hybrid learning, moved to our brand new, state of the art campus, and promoted our first 8th grade class of Paso Verde scholars. This year our staff encountered a different type of teaching environment. Our students and families collaborated with teachers to make learning successful. By working together we overcame obstacles that seemed insurmountable. Yet here we are at the close of our 2020-2021 school year, smarter and stronger than ever. 

As our superintendent has shared, this summer will be a transitional summer as we turn the page on 2020-21 and look ahead to 2021-22. And as we look ahead, we start to wonder, what will the school year look like in 2021-2022?  Governor Newsom has stated that on June 15, the color system for California will end- that in essence, California will reopen.  He also shared that California will remain in a state of emergency, so the pandemic is not over, but in retreat. 

So what does that mean for Paso Verde?  While we don’t have all of the answers to the questions about what next year will look like, here’s what we know as of today.  For the 2021-22 school year, we will be returning to our regular school schedule (pre-COVID). The schedule for our school starting in the fall can be found here.

We also know that updates to health and safety guidelines will happen after June 15. Until then, we remain under and will follow our current Sacramento County and California State Health Guidelines. We will be sure to share updated information regarding health and safety guidelines as it becomes available as well as what that means for us at school. Changes to these guidelines are exciting as I know we are all looking forward to being able to use our school’s collaboration areas without worrying about social distancing, hold school wide events like Puma Pathways Night and Open House, and most importantly hold school wide Puma Pride Rallies!

During our transitional summer, we are excited at the opportunity to support targeted students to attend an invite only in-person 4-week Summer Learning and Enrichment Camp called Expedition, with a focus on”The Future is Ready.” Expedition is a theme-based enrichment activity that expands horizons, promotes student ownership, fights learning disruption and provides educational experiences. In addition, NUSD Certificated Staff supporting the 4-week program are designing fun and enriching experiences that are infused with opportunities to develop student’s literacy skills to prepare them for the 2021-2022 school year. The Summer Learning and Enrichment Camp, which begins on Monday, June 21st, is full for currently enrolled grades K-6th. 

In addition, we are very excited to be offering our Summer Bridge program that is focused on  theme based learning focused on academics through fun and interactive activities. There is a link below to review the description of the camps, the age range, and the dates and times of each PVS Summer Bridge Camp. Use this link to review our offerings and register here. If you have any questions please feel free to use this email address during the summer [email protected]. Confirmation of enrollment or wait list will be sent via email on Monday, June14th. 

In the meantime Pumas, I wish you all a relaxing and safe summer.   Please expect regular updates from me over the course of the summer as new information becomes available.  You may also go to the Natomas Unified School District website as well for updates and information.


Heather Gohn
Principal, Paso Verde School