Interactive Campus Tour

Welcome back Pumas! We are SO excited to see Cohort B on Monday, March 22nd, and Cohort A on Tuesday, March 23rd! We invite you to watch the virtual tour below to get acquainted with our new campus and your new classroom. Once you are finished watching the virtual tour, feel free to click on your teacher’s photo to get an even closer look at your new classroom.

Kristina Caswell Kindergarten
Amanda Garcia Kindergarten
Lauren Szoboscan Kindergarten
Sigrid Bankston Kindergarten
Megan Guillen Kindergarten
Kelly Roberts Kindergarten
Allyn Magaletti 1st Garde
Amanda Alden 1st Grade
Emily Stone 2nd Grade
Brittany Miller 2nd Grade
Mark Bornstein 2nd Grade
Beth O'Neal 2nd Grade
Amber Beauchamp 1st Grade
Lauren Woollard 3rd Grade
Keton Quigley 3rd Grade
April Meyer 4th Grade
Melanie Intiso 4th Grade
Kristin Yelle 4th Grade
Clesean Glover 3rd Grade
Kelly Matheson 6th Grade
Katherine McKenna 5th Grade
Lina Bornstein 5th Grade
Jinder Chahal 5th Grade
Laurel Shannon-Walker 5th Grade
Cole Wright copy
Karle Fitzhugh Sixth Grade
Nancy Searcy copy
Travis Ecklund Mathematics
Jessie Lutzker
Karen McDaniels
Karleigh Neilson