Request for Input on Final By-Trustee Area CVRA Survey

--- Published on November 04th 2021 ---
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Message from Superintendent Evans

In this extraordinary time of a pandemic, political divisiveness, and other stressors our plates are already full. But I am asking for your help right now.  It can be a quick effort or extended – your choice. I promise that your feedback matters and IS NEEDED because a decision in 13 days will radically change how this district is led and your students are served.

Below are questions that I need you to consider.  You can answer 1 or all of them (and everything in between).  This can be anonymous or if you share your email we will share a participation badge you can add to your email that recognizes your assistance.  We don’t even need your name.  Just an email gets you a badge.

Click here for the survey.  It can take you 10 seconds or 10 minutes (or any time in between).