Students must have immunizations to attend school

--- Published on June 23rd 2017 ---
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Here’s an important back-to-school message …

Immunizations are required for students to attend school. All incoming 7th-graders must have a Tdap booster to protect against whooping cough. All students 13 and older must have a varicella booster.

Exceptions to California’s immunization requirements are made for students with a written medical exemption from a licensed physician that states:

1) A student’s physical condition or medical circumstances preclude him or her from receiving one or more of California’s required immunizations

2) Which vaccines are exempted

3) Whether the medical exemption is temporary or permanent

4) An expiration date, if the exemption is temporary

Medical exemptions can be submitted throughout the summer to the NUSD Ed Center, 1901 Arena Blvd. Questions? Call NUSD at 916-567-5434.