Think you know more about weather than a 3rd-grader? … Maybe not!

--- Published on April 10th 2019 ---
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Adam Epstein at Heron School

Think you know more about weather than a 3rd-grader?

Probably not, if the 3rd-grader attends Heron School and sat through a whirlwind – no pun intended – classroom presentation by Fox 40 meteorologist Adam Epstein today covering everything from funnel clouds to blizzards to thunder and lightning.

The kids are studying weather as part of California’s Next Generation Science Standards. Epstein grabbed the subject with gusto and made it snap, crackle, pop, hail, rain and roar its way to life in a series of dramatic, skies-gone-wild video snippets.

Along the way, the 3rd-graders learned answers to:

1) How much hotter is lightning than the sun?
2) Why is thunder so loud?
3) Which is faster – light or sound?
4) At what temperatures does water freeze and boil?
5) What’s a microburst?

And when it was over, the kids left for lunch under sunny skies and mild temperatures – that they appreciated more than ever. … :o)