Transition to By-Trustee Area Elections – 6th Draft Map Available for Viewing

--- Published on November 01st 2021 ---
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November 1, 2021

Dear NUSD Community,

The first ‘map consideration’ hearing for the district’s transition to by-trustee areas was held on October 27, 2021.  At that meeting 5 draft maps were shared with the public.  Today, a 6th map, Map F, is being posted for you to review and comment on.  Please click here to go to our dedicated webpage and view all draft maps.

Here are some of the major elements of this map that you should know:

Element 1: This still maintains two predominantly south area Natomas focused trustee areas.  Trustee area #2 meets state and federal law by maintaining a majority/minority coalition of Hispanic/Black and African American voters.  This is a major requirement of the California Voting Rights Act.  This map adds a third school to Trustee area #1. This map provides two Trustees to represent the traditional south natomas area in Trustee area #1 and Trustee area #2.  Trustee area #2s configuration is the only option, after hours of time and analysis, that allows us to maintain the majority/minority coalition.  In fact, we attempted to include Bannon Creek/Meeks Academy in one attempt.  In another we tried Jefferson.  Only the inclusion of American Lakes to Trustee area 1 did NOT eliminate the majority/minority coalition (which is unacceptable).  Attempts were also made to include a charter school in Trustee area #2, in particular STAR Academy, however, any map configuration attempt to accomplish that resulted in the elimination of the majority/minority coalition and therefore was unacceptable.

Why create a Map F… because E has some positives and some fundamental serious flaws. The major problem with Map E is that it is the only map that creates three vacant by-Trustee areas, with only two seats up for election in 2022.  This means Map E would leave Trustee areas 1, 2, and 4 without a direct representative who lived within the boundaries. The Natomas Unified Board of Trustees would have to pick two of the three areas for election in 2022, thus leaving one area without a direct representative until 2024.  Map F provides another map for consideration that accomplishes much of what we heard is wanted, includes one more school in Trustee Area 1 and creates two vacant areas, both up for election in about a year’s time. All Trustee areas would have a representative living with the areas by December 2022 (the earliest possible date). Maps A, B, C and D also address what Map F does.  Only Map E creates an impossible situation where one Trustee area is directly unrepresented for 3 more years.