Birthdays are a special time for children. You are welcome to send in store brought, easy to eat mini treats (NO peanut or peanut oil) for the class. Recommended items would be mini cupcakes (all the same flavor) or doughnut holes (most kids favor these since they don’t get them that often). Please send in with napkins. NO drinks, please. As an alternative, you could send in pencils or another small trinket instead. You are not required to bring anything on your child’s birthday, only if you wish to.
Invitations- please only send in invitations for me to place into the students’ Friday Folders with the child’s name written clearly on the front. I prefer to NOT have students pass them out themselves to others unless they are inviting the whole class. This will help avoid hurt feelings of those not invited. As much as I appreciate all the invites, I make it a rule to NOT attend student’s parties. This way no one is left out if I can make one and not the other.