Vital Back-to-School Message: Immunizations Required for Students to Attend Class

--- Published on June 19th 2018 ---
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Immunizations required for NUSD students to attend class

Under California law, our students cannot attend class when Natomas Unified’s new school year starts Aug. 8 unless they have current immunizations, obtain a medical exemption, or had a personal belief exemption on file before a 2016 state law excluded them.  

Parents and guardians should contact their child’s physician immediately to schedule immunizations.

What immunizations does the state require?

One vaccination mandate is specific to incoming 7th-graders: They must show proof of obtaining a booster shot, known as Tdap, to protect against whooping cough, tetanus and diphtheria.

In addition, students of all grade levels are required to show proof that they have received the following vaccinations:

·        Diphtheria

·        Tetanus

·        Pertussis (whooping cough)

·        Hepatitis B

·        Polio

·        Measles

·        Mumps

·        Rubella

·        Varicella (chickenpox). Note: One dose for ages 7-12, two doses for ages 13-17

Licensed physicians can exempt a student from one or more vaccinations based on medical circumstances or physical condition. Medical exemptions can be filed at NUSD’s Ed Center, 1901 Arena Blvd.

A second type of exemption, the personal belief exemption, no longer can be submitted due to a 2016 law aimed at guarding against the spread of serious diseases. PBEs filed before 2016 remain valid, however, until a student enrolls in the next “grade span,” typically at Kindergarten (or Transitional Kindergarten) or 7th grade.

More information about immunization requirements is available on the websites of Shots for School or the Natomas Unified district. Families also may call (916) 567-5434.