WANTED: Your opinion about potential NUSD History-Social Science textbooks for next year

--- Published on November 26th 2018 ---
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Piloting History-Social Science Textbooks

Bet you know a good book when you see one.

Natomas Unified anticipates buying new History-Social Science textbooks for use in all grades next year, and the district wants your feedback about finalists under consideration. Your opinions will help guide decisions that can impact classrooms for years to come.

Please attend one of the following Information Nights, each from 6-7:30 p.m.:

·       Wednesday, Oct. 17, in the Natomas High School Library, 3301 Fong Ranch Rd.

·       Wednesday, Nov. 28, in the Inderkum High School Theater, 2500 New Market Dr.

·       Wednesday, Dec. 5, in the Jefferson School Library, 2001 Pebblewood Dr.

·       Wednesday, Jan. 23, in the Natomas Park Elementary School Library, 4700 Crest Dr.

Parents and guardians are welcome to come alone or bring their students to any of the information nights, at which they can examine competing textbooks at three grade spans – K-5, 6-8, High School – and submit their opinions.

An NUSD selection committee has chosen textbooks by the Pearson publishing company as finalists at each of the grade spans. Competitors are Studies Weekly at the K-5 level, Discovery Education in grades 6-8, and Teachers Curriculum Institute (TCI) at the High School level.

The competing textbooks will be piloted in various classrooms and grade levels throughout NUSD this fall and winter. Feedback from students, teachers, and from participants in the four information nights listed above will help an NUSD committee make recommendations to the Board of Trustees next spring.

An overview of California’s History-Social Science Framework for public schools is available here for elementary grades, here for middle school, and here for high school. A curriculum framework provides guidance to teachers and administrators, but it does not dictate all topics covered or how they should be presented in classrooms.

Among other things, the state’s current History-Social Science Framework calls upon students to conduct research, evaluate sources, develop arguments, and make presentations. It also reflects the contributions of many diverse groups to the development of California and the U.S.

If you have questions about NUSD’s four information nights, please call (916) 567-5828.