Traffic and Safety

These procedures have been developed to ensure the safety of all children who arrive and leave our school through our parking lot and drop off/pick up zone. If you should have questions regarding these procedures, please call the school at (916) 567-5620. School begins at 7:45 a.m. and ends at (TK and K) 1:38 p.m. and (Grades 1-5) 1:55 p.m.Children need to arrive at school and be picked up from school in a timely manner.

During school hours do not park, load or unload, in the bus zone. This is considered a red zone and no parking is permitted. This is also where the emergency vehicles enter the campus if there is an emergency. Cars in the area create an unsafe situation. Also, please do not park in the handicap parking spots unless you have a placard.

The yellow zone is considered a loading/unloading zone. Automobiles may enter the yellow zone to pick up or drop-off students. We have created a plan to ensure the safety of the students by creating a one-way zone in the parking lot. We have placed cones to guide you safely through the parking lot in a smooth and safe manner. Please keep your speed as low as possible and never leave your vehicle unattended at any time. If you must enter the school for any reason (dropping off child, talking to teachers, visiting friends) please use the available parking spaces on site or park on the street in a safe spot. We ask that you talk to your children about the following rules that we have implemented to ensure their safety.

When you are picking up your children, let them know they need to wait in the teacher supervised, covered area, in the “yellow zone”. They will not be allowed to wait in other locations. When you enter the yellow zone and stop they can then approach your car and load as quickly as possible to ensure a constant flow through the parking lot. Cars entering or exiting the area are expected to maintain a single line. Cars are expected to pull forward as other cars depart the area so the next cars can pull in safely. Wait until there is a spot available before you pull forward. Do not drop children off in the parking lot near the dumpsters or 4th R; use the designated drop-off/pickup area to ensure a smooth and safe transition. If parking off campus, use the crosswalk to enter and exit the parking lot. Do not allow the children to run through the parking lot, they must be escorted by an adult. No double parking is allowed as it creates a barrier for other cars to move safely through the parking lot. Under no circumstances will automobiles be allowed to enter through the “exit”.

Please volunteer your time to make the parking lot a safe place.

Thank you,
Patrick Birdsong