Welcome to Witter Ranch Library online!

Library Hours

Library classes and book checkout are returning for fall 2021. If your student(s) have your permission to check out books, please return a signed library permission slip for the current year. Students may check out books during their library class or after school until 2:15. Students in pre-kindergarten through 2nd grade can check out one book at a time, and those in 3rd through 5th grades can check out two.

We also have a limited selection of ebooks and digital audiobooks that are available through Destiny Discover (see the search box below). Students can log in with their school email to access them.


To find out what books we have available, search the Witter Ranch Library catalog below.

Book Fairs

The Witter Ranch Library appreciates our PTA‘s biannual book fair – one in the fall, and one in the spring. This allows the library to expand and update its collection. Thank you to all who participated in our Spring 2021 book fair! Keep an eye out for our next one this fall.