Welcome to Witter Ranch Library online!

Library Hours

When school is open and learning is happening in person, library hours are 8:00am – 2:15pm. All students with a library permission slip for the current year may check out books. Every class is assigned a weekly time to visit. Students may also visit after school to exchange books during the week. Pre-kindergarten through 2nd grade may check out one book at a time, and 3rd grade through 5th grade may check out two books at a time.


To find out what books we have available, search the Witter Ranch Library catalog.

Book Fairs

The Witter Ranch Library appreciates our PTA‘s biannual book fair – one in the fall, and one in the spring. This allows the library to expand and update its collection. Our spring 2020 book fair took place online due to school closures. Stay tuned for announcements about our fall 2020 book fair.

Research and Online Resources

The state of California provides three free digital resources to students in grades K-12. They are:

This information can also be found on the district website’s digital resource page.