Classroom Announcements

Classroom Announcements

Smart Start and Unit 1  Language Arts Goals (6 weeks)

Theme: All About Us

  • Kindergarten review for three weeks with Smart Start
  • Short vowels “a and i”, listening for L blends and ending blends
  • Review of kindergarten sight words and introduction of first grade sight words
  • Comprehension strategies: characters and settings, sequence of events in a story, plot: beginning, middle, and end and author’s purpose
  • Writing: Personal narrative: All About Me story (trying to include descriptive sentences)
  • Unit 1 assessment, Sight word assessment, and completed writing on the Writer’s Wall
  • Students should know 60 or more sight words by the end of the 1st trimester

Topic 1 Math Goals: Understanding Addition (8 lessons and online math assessment)

  • Spatial patterns for numbers to 10
  • Ways to make 6 and 7
  • Ways to make 8
  • Ways to make 9
  • Introducing Addition Expressions and Number sentences
  • Stories about joining
  • Adding in any order
  • Working with objects and manipulatives for problem solving