Treasures- Language Arts

We are currently using the Treasures Language Arts curriculum to teach reading and writing.  Parents and students will be able to access the concepts and skills that we are learning in class at home. Every student will be given a unique user name and password. If you ever lose this information, please let me know and I will email it to you as soon as possible.

Home-School Connection

Students will be bringing home a Home-School Connection every week in their green folders. The Home-School Connection outlines all of the concepts and skills students will be learning in reading that week. It will also contain the spelling words that students should study for their spelling test the following Friday.

Along with the home school connection there will be two paper books for you to assemble for your child. One book is decodable (all the words can be sounded out) and the other book is on-level (a book that your child should be able to read if they are at grade level). Please assemble these books and have your child practice reading them to you. Please keep all the books for future practice.