NUSD’s new ‘On Track to College’ letter will help you track your child’s progress toward college and career

--- Published on April 15th 2018 ---
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'On Track to College' letter

Over the past few years, NUSD has seen its graduation rate continue to remain above 90%, which is well above the state average, and our a-g rate climb to the highest in the county. If you’re not familiar with a-g, that’s the measure that each California public university uses to determine if a student is ready to be admitted to their school. Today, about 6 in 10 graduates are meeting that benchmark. NUSD recognizes that college may not be for every student, but we believe that every student should have the choice with the support of their families and obviously, our staff.


These district successes have been made possible through many intentional actions at our schools and in the district to support our students’ success. Here are some of the actions:


·Expanded pathway programs like CTE, IB Diploma, and AP Capstone

·Provided the PSAT and ACT exam free to all 11th graders

·Increased the number of counselors at our high schools and hired two College and Career Coordination Specialists to work with students at Natomas High and Inderkum High

·Created a College Tour program for 3rd, 6th, 8th, and 11th graders

·Expanded course offerings during the school year and in the summer

·Aligned high school courses with CSU/UC a-g

·Developed the online Multi-Year Academic Planner in Infinite Campus for students and their parents to monitor academic success

·Provided students and families real-time information about achievement through the Infinite Campus Portal

·Increased the number of Parent University workshops

·Increased number of students who have earned the California State Seal of Biliteracy


NUSD is continuing its efforts to promote college and career readiness this spring with a new tool for students and families to monitor students’ progress and identify possible colleges to attend. In early May, all 10th and 11th grade students at Inderkum High School, Leroy Greene Academy, and Natomas High School will receive the new, personalized “On Track to College Letter” for the first time.  


The six-page letter provides a wealth of information to families based on each student’s achievement, grades, and courses. If a student is off track, the letter will identify options to get back on track, such as registering for summer school to recover credits. These letters will provide our students and their families information about their own progress to graduation, completion of a-g requirements, competitiveness for CA colleges and universities, and recommendations for how to stay on track to be successful in college.  


Natomas Unified will continue working to get more students on track to college with actions like those listed above.  Also, beginning next fall, our new “On Track to College Letter” will be sent home to families, once in the fall to 10th, 11th, and 12th graders, and then in the spring to 9th, 10th, and 11th graders.  


These new “On Track to College” letters are just one more resource in NUSD to help students and their families get on track or stay on track for success after high school.