Trustees honor NUSD’s ‘Classified Employees of the Year,’ including district winner Juanamaria DeAnda

--- Published on February 13th 2020 ---
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Classified Employees of the Year

The Board of Trustees recognized the NUSD Classified Employees of the Year and the 2020 District Classified Employee of the Year at the February 12, 2020, board meeting. Each honoree was selected because they are committed, collaborative, caring and exemplary, and has contributed to the growth and success of Natomas Unified. We thank them for all the work they do each and every day for children. Congratulations!

Natasha Edwards is Classified Employee of the Year of Child Nutrition. Ms. Edwards is a Food Services Assistant II at Two Rivers Elementary School and is described as a dedicated, consistent team player who goes out of her way to help others. Ms. Edwards encourages students’ healthy eating with coloring activities, ‘try days’, and by modeling good eating habits. She has taken steps to engage the community through quality food and customer service. Ms. Edwards is dedicated to her job and always completes her tasks 100 percent. 

Pepito Gonzales is Classified Employee of the Year of Maintenance, Operations and Facilities. Mr. Gonzales is a Custodial Team Leader II at Paso Verde School, who takes pride in his work and regularly goes above and beyond in his willingness to lend a hand. Mr. Gonzales has a positive attitude each day and greets students and staff by name. He makes sure the campus is clean and stocked and always has a kind smile for everyone and always goes out of his way to make sure people feel like they belong.

Linda Kiyama is Classified Employee of the Year of Para-Educator and Instructional Assistance. Ms. Kiyama is an Instructional Assistant at American Lakes School, who is kind, positive, compassionate, and diligent, and works tirelessly to build rapport with students. She has high expectations for all students and is fully vested in their journey to becoming successful, independent adults. She is supportive of students in all environments, giving 100% effort daily to support students in adaptive, academic and emotional needs.

Isaac Smith is Classified Employee of the Year of Support Services and Security. Mr. Smith is a Campus Safety Specialist II at H. Allen Hight School, who is always helpful and seems to know where to be before he needs to be there. He is an integral part of the student supervision and junior coach program on the playground at recess. Students feel a connection to him, and he helps them with making good decisions and treating others with kindness and respect. Staff and the principal appreciate how quickly he responds when help is needed with anything. He  has been a difference maker at H. Allen Hight.

Juanamaria DeAnda is District Classified Employee of the Year. Ms. DeAnda is an Office Specialist III at Discovery High School, who has been instrumental in growing the Adult Education Program there. Including students on track this school year, over 50 adults have earned their high school diploma since Juanamaria has arrived. She worked to form a partnership with the Sacramento Consulate General of Mexico to support English learners in the Natomas area. She researched and developed the first citizenship class in Natomas. Ms. DeAnda has developed relationships with the District’s Spanish speaking parents to support them in communicating with their students’ schools and she opened a childcare program for parents so they could take advantage of the Adult Education programs.

Classified Employees of the Year
Pepito Gonzales with Lisa Kaplan
Natasha Edwards with Lisa Kaplan
Juanamaria De Anda with Lisa Kaplan
Isaac Smith with Lisa Kaplan
Linda Kiyama and Lisa Kaplan
Juanamaria De Anda with Susan Heredia and family
Isaac Smith and his family
Pepito Gonzales with Staff members
Linda Kiyama with staff members
Natasha Edward and her family